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This South African man did something amazing with his NekNomination



As the NekNomination drinking challenge spreads like wildfire, one South African has given the craze a new meaning.

NekNomination – which is known by various monikers and spellings in different regions – is a game in which a person is filmed downing their drink in one go, before nominating others to do the same on camera. Frequently, they nominate friends in other countries, which is how the fad has spread so quickly around the world.

Several people are reported to have lost their lives after taking part in the challenge, after consuming dangerous levels of alcohol and in some cases, performing reckless stunts after downing their drinks.

But Brent Lindeque, a young South African, decided to do something a bit different when he was nominated.

In his video ‘A South African NekNomination’, Brent is filmed driving and talking to the camera, thanking his friend for nominating him.

‘[The craze] originated…

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