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Traveling Iceland with Google Glass + WordPress

Want to have GoggleGlass!!! Also it’s a pretty nice idea to link activities and make blogging easier

Silica Labs Through Glass

I just got back from about 12 days in Iceland. It was my vacation, so my girlfriend and I went armed with cameras.

I was taking pictures with a Nikon, an iPhone, and also with Google Glass.

My friends at Silica Labs built a really cool tool using WordPress.com’s open API to post photos directly from Glass to this WordPress.com blog.

As a result, I could tell the story of our Icelandic vacation by automatically sharing images from Glass.

Let me provide some guidance on the Glass images we posted here.

During the trip we:

  • walked on a glacier
  • watched whales near the Arctic Circle
  • hiked through a dried lava field
  • visited remote fjords (long blue inlets cutting sharply into wild mountains)
  • popped into hot pools of all kind (including a geothermal stream hours from civilization),
  • and came across hundreds of sheep and dozens of cows.

We also ate a lot…

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