looking through the magnifying glass

Getting started (No work before coffee)

Isn’t it amazing how much ritualistic behaviour shapes and constrains ones day-to-day activities? Just today I found myself, again, having my second cup of coffee even before having done the tiniest bit of work. Admittedly, being a scientist is not quite the kind of work that you just start of like taking a hammer in hand (mostly).

Creative thinking needs room, but it also needs exercise. And sometimes I’m not quite sure if my early morning coffee and checking the mail ritual actually helps or hinders me from getting to a point where I could actually take of into productivity. I guess it really depends on what’s on the list for the day.

At least today it gave me the time to recharge my batteries, litterally speaking, as my Ipod was drained to it’s completeness. And lets be honest, sitting in a dark room at a microscope isn’t quite as much fun without some great tunes stuck to your ears.



One response

  1. Oh shit, and I thought you were SLEEPING in your office yesterday. How could I have known you made room for creative thinking?
    Greetings from your supervisor

    April 10, 2013 at 8:40 am

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